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Financial Services Expert Witness

Litigation Support

  • My litigation support services include expert testimony in banking and financial disputes, forensic research and analysis, and pre-litigation support.
  • For the past 12 years I have worked as an expert witness, providing expert reports on a whole wealth of banking and finance issues to the legal profession, for banking and corporate clients, for the Crown Prosecution Service, and for supranational bodies and central banks.
  • I have maintained up-to-date knowledge of the ever-changing regulatory landscape, new governance rules, and new financial products and instruments, and I regularly provide training and lectures to graduates, to bankers, to lawyers, to central bankers, and to the regulators themselves.

Event Schedule

I have worked on many banking cases and claims with Simon over the past 12 years. His knowledge of banking issues is second to none, and his expert reports are always models of clarity.

Normanton Chambers

CL- Barrister

Simon and I have worked together for several years, and his knowledge and expertise on banking issues is vast. His knowledge of banking issues has been extremely useful in several cases.

Tanfield Chambers


I used Simon for a claim entered versus a British Bank on a loan contract. The result that he helped us obtained changed our business overnight. We are so thankful.


business analytics

Market analysis and innovation

Recent assignments, and commissioned reports have included (but are not limited to) the following areas of banking and finance:

  • Trading fraud, including foreign exchange, insider trading and market manipulation.

  • The regulations behind banks, financial instruments, investments, trading and sales.

  • Mis-sold and fraudulent investment schemes, including whether structured investments were priced to fail, and the regulatory environment applicable (FSMA, FCA Handbook, PERG, MCOBS, COBs etc).

  • The regulation of corporate lending, including embedded derivatives, change of pricing parameters, and unfair relationships.

  • Analysis of bank’s risk management practices and risk accounts.

  • Mis-selling of derivatives, forensic pricing, and hidden derivative contracts.

  • Governance and regulations applying to trading platforms, and to crypto currencies.

  • Governance and regulatory concerns regarding bridging loans, and asset backed lending/mortgages.

  • Problems surrounding fixed rate loans and fixed rate mortgages.

  • Contracts for difference and spread betting, hedging products.

  • Valuation of derivatives, investment funds, and currency and interest rate options.

  • Compliance matters, including fit-for-purpose, money laundering, senior managers regimes.

  • Risk-return analysis of investment funds.

  • Bank Treasury management, foreign exchange, hedging mismanagement.

  • Mis-sold mortgages, and overage conditions.

  • I have provided reports on a world-wide basis, and have provided testimony in courts as wide as Singapore, Canberra, Kuala Lumpur, and Milan, as well as in the United Kingdom.

  • I am willing and able to discuss potential cases, and to provide initial analysis and assistance without charging, in order to ensure that I have the requisite knowledge and experience to be of help and assistance.