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The following are some examples of work conducted and reports completed on some cases during the period 2012 to current date.

  • JG vs CYBG. 2014. Single Report on application of structured derivatives and analysis of embedded break costs. Testifying Court Appearance on quantum of break costs. 

  • SF vs British Bank, Leeds, 2016 – 2019 derivatives mis-sale (settled before trial). Single and Joint Reports on application of Conduct of Business Sourcebook regulatory requirements.

  • GG vs British Investment Fund Manager, 2017, structured investments (forensic valuation). Fund manager had liquidated positions without instructions from client.

  • RP vs British Bank, London, 2017, derivatives mis-sale (settled before trial, Joint Expert Report).

  • Wind Farm vs Irish Bank, Republic of Ireland 2018-2019, corporate loan terms. Single Expert Report on application of loan covenants (currently heading for court).

  • SP vs Malaysian airline, 2018, hedging terms, and fraudulent trading KL (expert witness).

  • Italian food manufacturer vs American Bank, 2019, Washington, hedging terms (expert witness, then Single Report).

  • Polish derivatives trading platform provider (expert witness, then Single Report). From a regulatory point of view, is binary option trading (on internet platform) classed as gambling?

  • Australian binary options trading platform vs Australian individual, Canberra, 2018 (expert report and testifying at Court).

  • Australian binary options trading platform vs Australian individual, Canberra, 2018 (expert report and testifying at Court).

  • Care home vs British Wholesale Bank, Availability of Refinancing in 2011. Single Report and Joint Report. Attendance at CMC and Mediation meeting. 2016 -2019. Settled before trial.

  • Care home vs British Wholesale Bank. Retained 2016 to 2019. Expert advisor, Single Report, Joint Report. Attendance at CMC and Mediation meeting.

  • SME vs UK Bank on Loan Terms under Enterprise Finance Guarantees. Single Report 2018. Case still active.

  • Group Action vs UK Bank on fixed rate loan contract and terms. Retained as expert advisor. Case still active.

  • Czech Banking Regulator vs Czech Bank on fraudulent trading practices. Expert advisor and expert report.

  • British Bank versus UK corporation on breach of option margin terms. Single Expert Report. Case still active.
  • Access to foreign assets for UK Court given foreign exchange restrictions (expert opinion) in the country of birth of the defendant. Defendant versus UK Crown. Case still active.

  • Defendant versus FCA. Expert report into insider trading cases. 2020. Case still active.

  • Polish individual versus UK Crown. Use of virtual currency trading as a mechanism for money laundering. Retained as expert for the defence. 2020. Case still active.

  • Singapore defendant versus Singapore Bank. Application of ‘Married Bonds’ (not matrimonial) and whether they constitute financial options. 2019. Expert advisor. Case still active.

  • Expert Report on Bridging Loan Claim. Contentious topic is whether the Lender should have been Regulated given the nature of the bridging loan. Expert Report on behalf of Defendant and Joint Expert Report. Court date set for September 2023.

  • Advice given relating to UK Mortgages where there is an overage clause. 2022 Ongoing case still active. Court date set for April 2023.

  • Relevance of MCOBS and PRIN (both FCA Handbooks) relating to UK Residential Mortgages. Settled 2022.

  • Extradition hearing related to potential trading fraud in “front-running/market manipulation” settled 2022 in Korea/UK.

  • Issues relating to potential “mis-selling” of structured products and levels of commissions. Ongoing case still active.

  • Regulations relating to Investment Schemes (ongoing).

  • Retail/personal losses due to banking fraud (ongoing).

  • Acting for Crown Prosecution Service in a case of investment scheme fraud.

  • Regulation of Bridging Loans (5 cases, some still on-going in UK) 

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